Build Base Boxes with Packer

Warning: Advanced Topic! If you're not familiar with Packer, you should read the Packer documentation first.

Packer must be properly installed in order to build a new base box using templates. Read the installation instruction here: Install Packer

Parallels Virtualization SDK

Packer requires the 'prlsdkapi' Python module from the Parallels Virtualization SDK to interact with Parallels Desktop and virtual machines. To use Parallels builders for Packer you need to download and install this SDK package: The Parallels Virtualization SDK for Mac

You can also install it with Homebrew package manager:

$ brew install parallels-virtualization-sdk

Packer Templates

Packer is shipped with parallels-iso builder, which can be used to create base Vagrant boxes for the Parallels provider.

There are two popular projects containing Packer templates for parallels-iso builder:

Building a Box

This is an example how to build Vagrant box for Parallels provider:

$ packer build -only=parallels-iso template.json

Packer will done everything you need: it will download an ISO image, setup a VM, install Parallels Tools, make basic provisioning, and it will export the VM image to a *.box file

You can read more about options which all supported template options here: "parallels-iso" builder documentation