Getting Started

This page describes steps to get your first Parallels Desktop virtual machine managed by Vagrant.

First, download and install Vagrant for Mac. Second, install the 'vagrant-parallels' plugin:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-parallels

Once the installation is complete, you can create a virtual machine and manage it using Vagrant. The following describes how to create a virtual machine.

New project setup

Create a new directory and init the new Vagrant project in it:

  • For Macs with Intel chip:
$ vagrant init bento/ubuntu-18.04
$ vagrant up --provider=parallels
  • For Macs with Apple M-series chip:
$ vagrant init bento/ubuntu-20.04-arm64
$ vagrant up --provider=parallels

Vagrant will automatically download and import the box and create a new virtual machine form it. The virtual machine will then be configured and started.

When the virtual machine is up and running, you can log in to it via SSH:

$ vagrant ssh

You can use other vagrant commands to control your virtual machine.

For example, you can run vagrant halt to gracefully shut it down, or vagrant destroy to remove it completely.